Representative Matters

Dispute Resolution

  • Allocation of copyright ownership between joint authors following a falling out
  • Computation of damages attributable to infringement of book
  • Termination of subsidiary rights agreement when erstwhile producer failed to initiate a motion picture production within deadline but retained gaming rights
  • Assessment of similarity between architectural plans created by original and replacement architects
  • Grant back of license to infringing manufacturer of upholstery fabric design
  • Cessation of infringement of fabric designs in Eastern Europe
  • Infringing use of photographs downloaded from Internet

Copyright Opinions

  • Application of Audio Home Recording Act to vehicle onboard entertainment consoles
  • Exception to prohibition against advance publication of radio station playlist under Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Duration of copyright in works created by artist under both 1909 and 1976 Copyright Acts
  • Copyright status of space between habitable structures under Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act
  • Protection for nonrepresentational toys as either useful articles or sculptural works
  • Allocation of interest in copyrights descending through author’s residual estate


  • Publishing agreements on behalf of authors and publishers
  • Publishing templates on behalf of publishers
  • Subsidiary rights agreements, including option agreements
  • Joint authorship agreements
  • Talent agency agreements
  • Professional services agreements
  • Performance venue licenses
  • Copyright and trademark licenses
  • Intellectual property policies for colleges and universities
  • Counseling clients on the intellectual property aspects of architectural agreements
  • Planning for, preserving and enforcing the intellectual property rights of real estate developers in architectural plans